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International Relations Directorate is established with the aim of escalating the internationalization which has been adopted as one of the main pillars of Atılım University’s strategic development plan.

As the mission of International Relations Directorate is “to contribute to international integration of Atılım University in education, research and community services”, the new organization of the Directorate has been reinforced by newly recruited specialists to team up with the experienced staff already in charge.

Besides fulfilling its primary duties as promoting the university’s brand internationally and boosting the awareness globally, enhancing the scope, number and quality of international partnerships, increasing the number of incoming students along with ascending diversity, availing the ongoing students and university staff of international exchange programs, notably Erasmus+, and motivating them in that way, following up and implementing the formal procedures for incoming students and staff, and doing all by performing at the highest quality standards, the Directorate of International Relations aims to play an active role in the internationalization of the university and the campus as well.

Our Vision: 

To set up a progressive entity that pursues newer and sound partnership opportunities across the world while hosting international students and staff from as many diverse origins as possible and delivering the highest caliber supplementary services and assistance to all our current or prospective stakeholders.

Our Mission: 

To enhance the international network of the university by establishing strong partnerships and cooperations; to attract the brightest students and world-renowned scholars while contributing both to the internationalization of the university and to the dissemination of the knowledge produced.


School of Arts and Sciences

English Language and Literature (Eng)
Mathematics (Eng)
Psychology (Eng)
Translation and Interpretation (Eng)

School of Fine Arts Design and Architecture

Architecture (Tr)
Fashion and Textile Design (Tr)
Graphic Design (Tr)
Industrial Product Design (Tr)
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Tr)

School of Law

Law (Tr)

School of Business Administration

Economics (Eng)
Economics (Tr)
International Relations (Eng)
International Trade and Logistics (Eng)
Business Administration (Eng)
Business Administration (Tr)
Political Science and Public Administration (Tr)
Finance (Tr)
Public Relations and Advertising (Eng)
Tourism Management (Eng)

School of Engineering

Automotive Engineering (Eng)
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (Eng)
Civil Engineering (Eng)
Computer Engineering (Eng)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Eng)
Energy Systems Engineering (Eng)
Industrial Engineering (Eng)
Information Systems Engineering (Eng)
Manufacturing Engineering (Eng)
Mechatronics Engineering (Eng)
Mechanical Engineering (Eng)
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Eng)
Software Engineering (Eng)

School of Health Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics (Eng)
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Eng)
Nursing (Eng)

Medical School

School of Civil Aviation

Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance (Eng)
Aviation Management (Eng)
Avionics (Eng)
Pilot Training (Eng)


Medical School: (15.00 $ per academic year)

All of other programs: (9.800 $ per academic year)

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  • Type of University : Private University
  • Language of Study : Turkish, English
  • Type of Study : Daytime Education
  • Level of the Study : Vocational, High School, Bachelor, Master, PhD

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